Providing Comprehensive Quality Sexual Reproductive Healthcare including Safe Abortion and HIV/AIDS services

The type of services provided through FPA India have expanded over the last seven decades, from mainly family planning and maternal and child health services (including comprehensive abortion care), to integrated services for STI/RTI/HIV management, prevention, early detection and management of reproductive tract cancers, screening for gender based violence and age specific SRH services for young people and for the elderly.

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services are provided directly through static and outreach based service delivery points managed by FPA India and are also enabled through Associated Clinics.

Satellite clinics are defined by a smaller area and fewer number of service providers as compared to the static clinics or RHFPCs. The services offered include counselling, consultation, examination, basic laboratory tests (relevant to the services) and treatment as required. Subject to availability of qualified providers, a comprehensive range of SRH services can be offered with the exception of surgical procedures.

Static clinics (also known as Reproductive Health and Family Planning Centres) provide an integrated package of Essential SRH services. Outreach based SDPs are a need-based model of service delivery to maximize access to poor, marginalized and underserved communities. A significant proportion of services provided by FPA India are through outreach based SDPs that include Satellite clinics, Mobile outreach teams and Community based Providers/Distributors.

Integrated package of Essential Services provided through the Static Clinics (Reproductive Health and Family Planning Centres of FPA India)

Service Delivery Model of FPA India

Quality of care is integral to service delivery. Quality of care (QoC) in FPA India service delivery settings is governed by the IPPF framework of Clients’ Rights and Providers’ Needs. Good quality of care enhances clients’ satisfaction and their use of services. It increases job satisfaction and motivation among service providers, and it leads to greater sustainability of services.

Our Projects

Shadows and Light Project

Comprehensive SRH services in West Bengal

Project Name: Comprehensive and Quality Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Tea Gardens and Hill Region of West Bengal, India.

The Oak Foundation and FPA India have initiated comprehensive and quality sexual and reproductive health services in the tea gardens and hill regions of West Bengal, India. The objective of the project is to strengthen access to quality sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services through the reproductive health and family planning clinic of FPA India at Kalchini and increase access to quality outreach-based services for poor and vulnerable groups, including young people.

Shadows and Light Project

Humanitarian grant support for Cyclone Fani relief camps in Puri district, Odisha

The FPA India Bhubaneswar branch, with support from the SPRINT Grant and under guidance from the International Planned Parenthood Federation Humanitarian hub and FPAI headquarters, responded to Cyclone Fani. Health camps were organised in the cyclone shelter villages of Moto, Narshim Patna, Balabhadra Patna, Jagannathpatna and its peripheries in the Brahmagiri block of Puri district in Odisha, India. Forty-nine health camps were organised, and 3,062 people were reached. Nearly 3,000 dignity and hygiene kits were provided to needy women, which contained a bucket, sanitary napkins, panties, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap.